Basic and Intermediate Algebra

UGX 100000.00

Vocabulary, basic algebra, expressions, 2 variable algebra, equations with 2 variables, algebra tables, word problems, collecting like terms, opening brackets, simple equations, the idea of “from”, equations opening bracket, equations with a single/duo fractional terms.

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Vendor: Okweda Francis

Francis is a director of two companies registered in Uganda; an Academic Registrar in an institute of higher learning; an examiner for the university of Cambridge; a medical technologist; teacher by call and training; author of more than 20 titles – spiritual and academic including the Kids’ Bible. He is the creator of The Sober Love Test as featured in the Daily Monitor. As a minister of better promises, he had an encounter with Jesus the Christ in 2002 who gave him specific instructions regarding his assignment on earth. He was one of those remotely consulted in regard to the curriculum reform conference between NCDC and ACO held in early 2018. As a minister, he served a formal church setting for 16 years as an elder and other capacities. His Organisation has handled clients from UN, FAO, DYNAPHARM, UNICEF, Ambassadors of several nations and very many high-profile homes. He has handled children across Africa and some in UK. He loves people with a passion and hates evil with an equal weight. He is married by state and church, husband to one wife, father to one son – Wisdom. He has served as a foster parent to multitudes. Believers and non-believers both highly esteem him. He considers himself a man not afraid of death and a true shepherd that is not afraid to invade dark places and risk life to secure a better living for his kinsmen first then the world. He has no political affiliation. He considers himself very patriotic for his nation. He has very high regard for all life regardless of specie, gender, race, ethnicity, colour, creed or religious affiliation. He lives in Kampala.