Interactive Learner Sets (Class One)

UGX 100000.00

This colourful and illustrative interactive program topic is designed to help children from ages of 5 - 8 grasp a basic level understanding of sets. It is filled with numerous exercises, averaging to about forty, but covering the scope of knowledge of sets at this level. Enjoy learning with interactive learner sets. Areas handled include • Naming sets • Grouping items in respective sets • Adding sets • Matching sets and many more

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Vendor: Everest Gauge

Everest Gauge is the pioneer technologically driven tutoring and home school organisation in Uganda. It was founded by Okweda Francis. Francis is an Academic Registrar in an institute of higher learning; an examiner for the university of Cambridge International Examinations; he served as a lecturer at Kayiwa International University serving the faculties of IT, Business and Education; He is a medical technologist; teacher by call and training; author of more than 20 titles – spiritual and academic including the Kids’ Bible. He is the creator of The Sober Love Test as featured in the Daily Monitor (2016). He also served Uganda National Examinations Board in the rank of a Scout/Examiner (2002,2003,2005,2006.) He was one of those remotely consulted in regard to the curriculum reform conference between National Curriculum Development Centre and African Curriculum Organisation held in early 2018 and the OdEL Conference by NCHE in 2023. For over 20 years he has handled children at various levels – Primary, O- Level, A-Level, and Tertiary/University. For more than a decade, Everest Gauge (2013), incorporated in 2021 (Everest Gauge LLC) has handled children of parents from UN, FAO, DYNAPHARM, UNICEF; Ambassadors of several nations and very many high-profile homes and brought remarkable results. The team has handled children across Africa – Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea and some in UK and Netherlands in more than one curriculum including but not limited to UNEB, IB, Cambridge, APA, SATs and Edexcel. The learners that have gone through Everest Gauge are spread across the globe in varying countries and universities and others already in the work field. Everest Gauge believes in personalised learning as the highest form of learning where each child is given special attention to achieve their maximum potential. They have been featured in more than one news article and currently (2013 - 2023) still hold a 5-star rating both on social media and Google (2023), taking the lead amongst known peers on the mountain of knowledge in Uganda.